Saturday, 16 September 2006

Leisurely reflection

Do you notice that when you take an interest in something which might be a certain model car or a new style of fountain pen you suddenly seem to see them everywhere. Well in today's Melbourne Age philosopher Tony Coady served up this morsel on slow knowing:
" I love universities, I think they are terrific institutions. But there is no longer time for the important activity of leisurely reflection. There's a constant driving necessity to be in committees, to write reports on what you've done or are about to do or might do some time, retreats, endless bureaucratic matters, the pressure to publish, do extensive amounts of teaching and raise outside sume of money. Most of this is down to government policy."

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Harry said...

Hi 'Fellow devotees of the Temple of Learning'
One of the most dramatic changes in the university system is the break down of intellectual life and MENTORSHIP in the fullest sense of the word. Lecturers no longer have the time to nurture young minds and give them guidance. Economic rationalism in learning reigns supreme. Learning is no longer a noble profession, a quest for truth, but has become a paper chase.
Regards Harry