Friday, 7 September 2007

Cults Primary School is an Eco-School

Today I visited Cults Primary School to find out more about their wind turbine and eco-school status. TheHead of School, Ian Smithers introduced me to Susan Clark ,the key person behind the project, who is team leader for the Pupil Support Assistants and the school's Information Technology among other things. I was impressed by the involvement of students in the decision process in the designated areas a school needs to cover to be awarded a green flag.

The school has been awarded two green flags which doesn't mean much to an Australian but is very significant in Scotland.

Susan showed me the documentation that has to be kept to demonstrate the involvement of children and she added that when the committee came to evaluate the school, they spoke at length to students. Obviously if the pupils weren't really involved it would be very obvious.

We walked around the school past the sensory garden which was designed by pupils in collaboration with parents, including a garden designer. The garden is for special needs kids and involves touch, smell, visual and other senses.
You can see the raised beds for kids in wheelchairs, the water fountain is powered by solar power. It does switch off in Scotland. I said our problem in Australia is not the solar power but the water as we are experiencing drought conditions.

There were numerous other areas of great interest which I'll report in another blog.
But it's wonderful to see the results of commitment by a school in giving the kids real responsibility.


steve said...

G'day Sam,
its 2.05am Sunday morning and I still havent adjusted with the body clock! Laid down on the couch at lunchtime and that was the end of me!
If I fall asleep in class on monday- you'll have to act as a character witness.
Susan Polgar left a comment on the blog- she reads it more than the locals!
Harry was thrilled with his showbag of goodies.


Anonymous said...

I was educated at this school few years back, and haven't visited it for a has change a lot...for the better!