Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Blogs and wikis, where did the time go?

This morning my email inbox contained the latest Educational Leadership online and I decided to read one article by Bill Ferriter, 'Learning with Blogs and Wikis.' This will take me a few minutes I thought. Well, it's now three hours later and I'm thinking I've got to stop. As a result of reading his article I've read various blogs, added blogs to my bookmarks, read posts on Bill Ferriter's bog 'The Tempered Radical', checked out Bill Ferriter's pageflakes , gone to Pageflakes and set up a page of the feed reader, listened to the four day conversation on Kelly Gallagher's new book Readicide, checked out Kelly Gallagher's website and begun adding blogs to Pageflakes.

Ferriter writes that as a result of using digital tools:

"Thousands of accomplished educators are now writing blogs about teaching and learning, bringing transparency to both the art and the science of their practice. In every content area and grade level and in schools of varying sizes and from different geographic locations, educators are challenging assumptions, questioning policies, offering advice, designing solutions, and learning together. And this collective knowledge is readily available for free."

So I suppose this morning's effort is an example of this.

And I feel good because I've actually written my first post in ages.

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Bill Ferriter said...

Sweet, Sam!

Glad that my article got you thinking---and more importantly, acting!

I think it was my boy Mort Adler that said, "All true learning is active, not passive. It involves the use of the mind, not just the memory."

Diving into the broad collection of blogs that are available makes active learning and use of the mind possible, don't it?!